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Myth of the Hirsute

NNF080—CS ($4)

"First time we saw Sasqrotch play was at a bowling alley bar after a Robedoor set, and it was PERFECT. A guitarist decked out in a baffling bearded-elf costume from the neck up (complete with rubbery oversized ears) stared at his guitar, holding an amp-eating drone tone with some wah-pedal oscillation while bassist and another dude crouched in front of speaker cabinets, drinking in the low-end, the whole place just fucking QUAKING with sound. Then third man moved over to the drums, counted some shit off, and let loose. We were floored. Lumbering untamed electric wilderness howling through lucid streets of puke and ice. Basement Sabbath breakdowns. Wasted, sub-human distortion. Basically: savage awesomeness. So here is “Myth of the Hirsute,” Sasqrotch’s debut release, a brutal, blown-out snapshot/C38 of the North Hollywood power trio’s hairy grandeur in action. Black tapes in hand-stamped origami-folded metallic paper sleeves adorned with fang/sequin braids, and limited to 100."

Not Not Fun
record totes


Places to go? People to see? Shit to haul? Check, check, and CHECK. There's never a shortage of annihilatingly sweet music to buy, but often there IS a shortage of sweet means to carry said goods. No longer! Two-color silkscreened neon canvas NNF tote bags are available NOW, with psych-out angle artwork by Mike Vidal, and NNF logo artwork by Roy Tatum. Also emblazoned with hand-crafted bead pins by Manda.


New Night People Cassettes

3 brand new most-probably amazing casettes and a zine from the Raccoo-oo-oon guys' Night People label! Sure to all sell-out quite quickly so hop on this before you miss out.

NP018 Ryan Garbes - 'Endless Bummer' C17 $5
"New garbage from the young musical genius Ryan Garbes (perhaps best known for his drum and percussion contributions to Raccoo-oo-oon). Side A revels in redlined blown out drumming, finding eventual accompaniment from a drunken slide guitar fury, resulting in what can be properly described as the fucked blues. Side B brings together the holy trinity of drums, guitar and more guitar into a kind of distorted raga with each element taking turns, trading fours, evoking an eternity of summer fun in the mouth of inevitable oblivion. Sleeve and label screenprinted by Ryan."

NP017 Hell & Bunny w/ Mike Khoury - 'Restitution' C26 $5
"The percussion and cello masters who make up 2/3 of Graveyards infamy collaborate with violinist Mike Khoury to bring about a sparse and intriguing listen. Droning strings offset by bursting rolls and plucks set the framework for two improvisations perfectly evoking a mood of sinister desolation. Each side rolls on with an uncomfortable unpredictability until climaxing in the death of the composition, leaving the listener unsettled yet oddly pleased."

NP016 Blue Shift C20 $5
"Providence's own Cybele Collins brings a maelstrom of solo improvisations shredding the strings of her violin furiously, building dense walls that crest only to reveal quiet beautiful melodies underneath. Filled out with loose poignant drumming, and housed in dense drawings by the artist, the tape is made up of many short songs, always changing, never dwelling too long on any given theme. The result: a catchy and complex release, that over time one comes to realize has been created with the utmost love and care."

NP014 Heart of Bees $1
"HEART OF BEES #2 AVAILABLE New serialized publication featuring xerox image work by Andy Spore. All issues released as NP014 on a quasi-monthly basis."

Night People

Pocahaunted - A Tear for Every Grain of Sand (2007, Fuckittapes)

    I consider 'A Tear for Every Grain of Sand' to be Pocahaunted's second full-length (Moccassinging being their first) purely based on length. This amazing cassette clocks in at just under 40min long and it really just flies by in all it's Native-American psychedelic haze.
    Side A is split into two songs, 'Virginal Lamb' and 'Shallow Washita'. 'Virginal Lamb' opens with a simple ringing high-pitched guitar chord strummed and layered over and over itself and suddenly the sounds become oh-so familiar. The wordless croons and hums slowly come in and a drum come in as the guitar dances back and forth between the chords. There's such a rhythm and a balance to it all that can make it so powerful while being so simple. A second more noisey guitar escapes from the background and adds a quiet but dirty sound to the mix.
    Everything becomes more and more intense as the song carries on. More guitar, more voices, more drum, more reverb. It all just continues to add and add until it all slowly falls apart into silence.
    'Shallow Washita' starts with the same guitar chord strum beginning only this time the chords are much creepier and sadder and deeper. A cymbal crashes quietly behind as a voice like a lone-bird calls into the forest the guitar is slowly building. An Indian princess voice comes in to comfort and it becomes an odd mix of ugly and pretty, joyful yet disgusted. The pace picks up and the drums come back more and more frequently the shallow hum of feedback getting almost overpowering and suddenly it all runs away leaving the princess to a last few words before following suit.
    Side B is the 20min epic 'Bind the Blistered Feet' an amazing grumbling and flowing feedback filled piece. The dripping distortion coats the floor and the sound of a beaten guitar screams out. This piece is mostly focused on the music rather than some of the other more vocal songs. The beaten guitar grows louder and louder and there's a faint sound of bells jingling along. Things become much more frantic seemingly out of nowhere and the sounds all pick up racing to catch up with each other. The sense of urgency seems to slow down right before the all-out attack and everything destroys itself and slowly decays and dies.
    This is the 6th Pocahaunted release and they have still yet to disappoint. If anything this is a very high-point in their discography so far. The jamz are long and building without being too song-like. It's obvious that it's the product of a couple girls sitting in a practice space with a lose base to what they're going to do and then just letting loose for the next 15-20 minutes. I couldn't be happier with the results.


Mp3: Mother Looms (from the OOP 'Moccasinging' c38 on Not Not Fun)


Ettrick Spring 2007 Midwest Tour

San Fran's free-jazz mind-explosion Ettrick is heading across the country to play a 9 date mid-west tour of surely massive proportions. Jacob Felix Heule & Jay Korber trade off between each playing drums and sax. Sometimes both play drums. They also are self-described "black-metal" but I can't say that I see it. The drums are non-stop up and down and all over and the sax just rides. Sure to be a great show.

4/22 Kansas City
Grinders Annex

4/28 Columbus
w/ Face Place, Times New Viking & Clan of the Cave Bear

4/29 Chicago
w/ XBXRX & KK Rampage

4/30 Evanston
3pm broadcast on 89.3 FM and http://wnur.org

4/30 Chicago
Club Azucar
w/ Mark Solotroff (Bloodyminded), Death Factory, Deathstab & Winters In Osaka

5/1 Milwaukee
Points East Pub
w/ MNFIW, Sonic Typewriter & A Volition Trio

5/2 Madison
Nottingham Co-op
w/ Bastard Trio, Tzaraath & Killer Dolphin with Rabies

5/3 Minneapolis
The Church
w/ Squid Fist, Old Colony & Peace Creeps

5/4 Lincoln NE
w/ Flamethrower & the New Music Agency

Mp3: My Death Prefigures My Rebirth

Myspace | Purchase
"Sudden Arrhythmic Death vol. 1 & 2"

Raccoo-oo-oon in Ohio

5/08 Cleveland
The Parish Hall: 6205 Detroit Ave.
w/ Tusco Terror & Giants of Gender

5/09 Columbus
Skylab: 57 E. Gay St.
w/ Them Natives

5/31 Cincinnati
Skull Lab: 271 McMicken Ave
w/ Birds of Delay / Emeralds / C. Spencer Yeh

Mp3: Call Out Your Friends

Raccoo-oo-oon | Purchase "Mythos Folkways vol. 3 LP"

No Future Fest III

"No Future Fest is one of the best chances you, the wasted noise junkie, has to see your favorite acts in an intimate setting within a small friendly Southern city. Chapel Hill is located just six hours North of Atlanta, and five hours South of DC. During the day there are several museums, restaurants, parks, natural attractions and other Carolina type shit within a short drive or a long walk."

Friday, 4/20

Laundry Room Squelchers
Angel of Decay
Leslie Keffer
Pop Culture Rape Victim + Tourette
Lazy Magnet
Black Meat
Clang Quartet
Ferveur Noire
Spool Ensemble

Saturday, 4/21
Auk Theatre (Irene Moon)
Damion Romero
Climax Denial
PrairiePusher + Earth Crown
Tom Grimley
Charlie Draheim
Shallow Waters
Tusco Terror
Lexie Mountain Boys
Pax Titania
Haunted Castle
Villa Valley
Holy Family Parish!!!!
Joe Roemer + Jason Crumer!!!!

Day One doors at 7:00 p.m. Show at 8:00 p.m.
Day Two doors at 3:00 p.m. Show at 5:00 p.m.

TICKET INFORMATION: $20.00 gets you access to both nights of No Future Fest III. You can either buy them at the door on day one (first come first served basis), or in advance using paypal (to jasoncrumer@gmail.com). At the door individual days are $10.00 (day one) and $15.00 (day two). Please bring an ID to claim your advance tickets at the door.

405 1/2 West Rosemary Street
Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Bloodyminded at Diamond Shiners

While some problems are happening with the Tusco Embassy, a show of massive proportions has been moved to the old Diamond Shiners house in Akron. Don't miss out on a great show, a great place, great people, and surely a great party.

Tuesday April 24th
Bloodyminded / Charlie Draheim / Climax Denial / Bee Mask / Smauel Goldberg / Tusco Terror
Diamond Shiners: 267 S. Portage Path - Akron, OH
Starts at the normal party time & bring donations for bands

Diamond Shiners | Myspace

Leslie Keffer/Macronympha Tour 2007

Leslie Keffer is a girl. Girls don't do the noise thing. Leslie, is amazing. Leslie is usually in a basement somewhere in Ohio behind a folding-picnic-table of short-wave radios and a mess of cords. (Other times, she's jamming with Thurston Moore) She flips between comforting walls of static and frightening all-out attacks.

Macronympha you must know. Joe Roemer and friends have been doing their incredible flipped-out noise act for years now. I'm sure you've heard about their No Fun Fest set? Ridiculous blown out totally abrasive sonic assaults. Amazing.

Friday, April 20 and Saturday, April 21
No Future Fest
Chapel Hill, North Carolina
405 1/2 West Rosemary Street

Sunday, April 22
Baltimore, Maryland
The Bank
2031 Frederick Avenue
with Bloodyminded, Charlie Draheim, Climax Denial, Silvum, Villa Valley, Haunted Castle, Glamorous Pat, Earth Crown and DJ Dogdick

Monday, April 23
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Circle of Hope
1125 South Broad Street - 2nd Floor
with Bloodyminded, Charlie Draheim, Climax Denial, Silvum and Air Conditioning
***This show is Macronympha/Keffer collaboration set***

Wednesday, April 25
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Friday, April 27
Brooklyn, New York
The Hook
with Carlos Giffoni and Hive Mind

Saturday, April 28
Providence, Rhode Island
Gallery Inzane
39 Troy Street
with DJ Dogdick, Earth Crown, Kites, Heart2Heart and Work/Death

Sunday, April 29
Northampton, Massachusetts
Holyoke Wearhouse

Monday, April 30
Allentown, Pennsylvania

Mp3: Macronympha - Macrokaidan

Bastard Noise in Columbus

(click to enlarge or...)
Bastard Noise / Antennacle / Sword Heaven / Paralyzer
April 22nd 2007
$6 / 7pm
Skylab Gallery: 57 E. Gay St. Columbus, OH 43215
email: Dennis@Solar-Funeral.com

Bastard Noise Myspace | Skylab


Record Label of the Week: Not Not Fun

Not Not Fun records is based out of Los Angeles headed by Robedoor guy Britt Brown and Pocahaunted gal Amanda. Over the years they've released tapes and cdr's from bands such as: Raccoo-oo-oon, Quintana Roo, Bobby Birdman, Abe Vigoda, and previously featured bands Foot Village and Magik Markers. They're certainly one of the biggest and best labels of the whole scene. The time they take to hand assemble and paint and build all over their tapes and CDR's gives it all a very personal and intimate feel. (Not to mention incredibly fun to have).

Upcoming releases include:
Siked Psych: NNF Gold CD Comp
Blues Control/Knit Witch split 7"
Heavy Winged - We Grow LP
A++/Soft Shoulder Live split CS
Quintana Roo/Warmth split CS
Loosers CS
Loopool CS
Robedoor CDR

Not Not Fun


Magik Markers - Inverted Belgium

      For those of you oblivious to this wonderful trio, Magik Markers is a No-Wave noise band from Hartford, Connecticut featuring Elisa Ambrogio, Leah Quimby and Pete Nolan. Elisa is in control of the vocals and guitar. During the live show she does a number of ridiculous things to her guitar involving beating it and standing on it and scrubbing the strings with an array of materials. In an interview she once said how men have always jacked off their guitars like penis's and she wants to play hers the way a girl masturbates. Their show is intense and filled with raw estrogen. In a good sort of way.
      Inverted Belgium is just one track. Sadly, it's 3 seconds shy of being a mere 15 minutes long. Though short, it's wonderful. It sounds as if a band is playing inside of an old broken TV. The sounds don't quite come in right and are constantly interrupted by static and buzzing and peircing tones. Behind it all you can hear drums crashing and ever so often a few shouted lyrics. Sometimes you can hear the guitar quite clearly, other times not at all. For a few tense moments it all dies down. The TV has won and the band is out of frequency. Back it comes again, slowly getting faster and faster the instruments growing louder and louder. Out of seemingly nowhere a strange rythm is suddenly heard being beaten on the drum kit. The sound of airplanes crashing into the cymbals begins. Just when the three can't seem to get louder it's done and the sounds of a pleased crowd come in.

Bonus Mp3:
Magik Markers - Fuck You

Magik Markers
| Purchase Inverted Belgium


Foot Village - World Fantasy 10"

      Foot Village is a 4 peice all-drum band with a geography fetish! It features members of the well known bands Gang Wizard, Rose for Bohdan, House 1 and 2, Rainbow Blanket, Windard of Ox, and Drug the Corpse. Together they bang out battling rythms on their 4 head-to-head kits. They chant and scream and shout and sing poetry about the countries of the world! Each song is titled the country of which it's about (ex. Brazil, Ethiopia, and the wonderful Where Ever the Fuck Arnold Schwartzenegger's From). Before they write a song they research a country and then completely base the lyrics on the research. With all the information they plan on beginning a country of their own called, you guessed it, Foot Village.
      The beats are clashing and booming, cave-dwellingly primitive, and ever so often bouncy and dancey. Starting and stopping right on cue (like in Great Britain and the Bermuda Rebellion) works out perfectly for this quartet of talent percussionists.
      Right from the start they grab your attention and they certainly don't ever let go. By the end of the powerful half hour you're left wanting much more.
      Though this 10" is currently out of print, Not Not Fun records has a list of Distros that stock their stuff from time to time and might just have a few copies.

Bonus Mp3s:
Foot Village - Ethipoia
Foot Village - Mexico
Foot Village - Live at Monkey Mania - Denver, CO (2004)

Foot Village | Not Not Fun

Doubled Yellow Swans - Global Clone

      The infamous Yellow Swans' new album Global Clone collects together various songs from rare cassette only releases over the years.
      The first track is much quieter than your average Yellow Swans song. It's almost too quiet. You'd expect it to build at some point, but no such luck.
      Track 2 begins with a quiet distored beat but that slowly fades away and gives room for feedback and static to take center-stage. Sounds jump all around changing and running through channels throughout the 23 minutes of this monster of a song.
      Track 3 is the soundtrack to a dead city. Empty streets and beaten down houses. The air blows though and knocks a few things around. The creatures begin to crawl as the song progresses and their inhuman howls interrupt the wind for a short time and then suprisingly disappear and the wind comes back.
      Track 4 has a stacatto sound to it's noises. It's deep and booming but the sounds themselves all have a central rythm of sorts. It's sharp and at times almost pounding. The fact that this duo involves a guitar is more obvious than in some other sounds and it sounds wonderful. The last half of the track uses the odd insect type noise you'd expect to hear on the Wolf Eyes album Burned Mind.
      The last track starts right out with the clashing sounds and the electronic hum of something overheating. Again the guitar is heard very clearly. At some points it seems as though you're imaginging voices from out of the sounds but they are in fact there. They're distorted and dragged out and whispery but they are there.
      Though Global Clone just a compilation of random odds and ends it flows as if it was meant to be an album. The songs themselves just fit together perfectly.

Yellow Swans | Purchase Global Clone

The No-Neck Blues Band - The black PopE

      A truly beautiful music video from New York free-form collective The No-Neck Blues Band from their sophomore album QVARIS
. Directed by Adam Mortimer.

Bonus Mp3:
The No-Neck Blues Band - The dooN (from QVARIS)

The No-Neck Blues Band
| Purchase QVARIS

Prurient - Sexual Magic

      This is not quite the Prurient you may know. Dominick Fernow can normally be found rolling on a dirty cement floor screaming into a microphone creating a seemingly unbreakable wall of white noise that's enough to make dog's eardrums implode. Sexual Magic however takes a quieter route centered around a deep drone.
      The album borrows a piano line from French classical composer Erik Satie's song GymnopĂ©dies for the first two tracks. It creates a calm feeling of being at sea drifting away. As the album progresses though the sea gets more choppy and the winds pick up. Though it never goes into full on Dom Static Madness it certainly gets harsher. The drones get louder and faster moving. By the time "Forests, Black and Low" begins the ship has began to sink. It all cuts away, and you have drowned.

Hospital Productions


D.D.T. - Live 2006

According to this tape's cover D.D.T. is Charlie Draheim, Aaron Dilloway (of Wolf Eyes) and Thurston Moore (of Sonic Youth). What more could you ask for, right?
Disappointingly the sound quality is terrible. There's no fullness to the sounds. It's as if someone stood in the crowd and recorded it with a handheld tape recorder (and maybe this was the case).
The actual sounds/music itself are quite nice. Again though the audio quality strikes as it is hard to really pick out who's who. The recording is quiet and pointing out styles is hard to do. It's very mushed together.
Aside from a few boring parts and the terrible audio quality it's a nice tape. Definately looked a lot better on paper than it sounded in my player. It would be nice to have a good soundboard recording of these three together as they are quite a trio.

Ecsatatic Peace (Thurston's Record Label) | Charlie Draheim | Aaron Dilloway

Burning Star Core this Saturday

$5 All Ages. The rest is self-explanatory.

Hair Police/Eloe Omoe at The Frowny Bear

     Hair Police and Eloe Omoe will be playing a show at The Frowny Bear in Lexington, KY on Thursday November 30th. It will be an all ages show and no real cost to get in but accepting donations for the bands. Sure to be a good good show. Be there.

Hair Police | Eloe Omoe | The Charles Mansion

Two New Lathes on Aryan Asshole Records

16 Bitch Pile-Up lathe 7" - An eerie audio hallucination: first you're swimming, then there's something outside your door. Watch the butcher knives chop as it spins.

Prurient "Memory Repeating" lathe 7" - Brutality and poetry at its best. A harsh noise blues trak about waking up alone. Painted black lathe with printed kraft paper sleeve in bag.

      Two very awesome bands. These lathes tend to sell out fast and they sure aren't making more so be sure to get your hand on these SOON. For those of you who have no idea who Prurient or 16 Bitch Pile-Up are, firstly, get your head out of your ass.

      Prurient is the harsh noise brainchild of Dominick Fernow. Usually using only a mic and an amplifier he is simple in his sounds. Did I mention it's loud?

      16 Bitch Pile-Up is "sonic assault" trio made up of Shannon Walter (keyboards), Sarah Cathers (guitar) and Sarah Bernat (vocals, feedback). They used to be based out of good ol' Columbus though recently they relocated to San Fransisco. Their noises are not something to be ignored.

      Lathe's are $25 each, postage paid for the US and Canada. For international orders it's $5 more for one item and $2 for each additional item. Insurance is $2. Specify customs form info. Send paypal to Aryan.Ahole@gmail.com before they're all gone!

Aryan Asshole Records | Prurient | 16 Bitch Pile-up